From Midwest Book Review:  A deftly written mystery that will especially appeal to young adult readers, author Janie Chodosh demonstrates her mastery of the genre with a compelling and thoroughly entertaining debut novel that will leave her readers looking eagerly toward her next literary effort. Very highly recommended for school and community library Mystery/Suspense collections, it should be noted that "Death Spiral" is also available in a Kindle edition.

From Berger's Book Reviews: Death Spiral is a wild ride from start to finish and I couldn’t put it down. Faith is fearless in facing dangerous situations head-on, giving little thought to personal safety as she attempts to clear her mother’s name. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this Faith Flores Science Mystery series.

From Publisher's Weekly: Sharp characterization and deft descriptions make this a solid addition to the amateur detective shelf.  [read more...]

By librarian Laura Hartman:  This wonderfully written, fast paced mystery does not shove boring facts at the reader, but mixes them masterfully in. Chodosh takes on the genetics of addiction much like her characters would, it is obvious she has done her homework . Her author notes state she has …”strived to be scientifically accurate” as well as lists the things that are fiction. I love that she does that because readers are often left wondering which part, if any, is accurate. She also suggests learning more by visiting the Genetic Science Learning Center and their website [read more...]

From Fresh Fiction, Reviewed by Jennifer BarnhartDEATH SPIRAL by Janie Chodosh is a superbly crafted, gritty YA mystery that gives us a new kind of investigator in Faith Flores. Faith is exceptionally compelling. She's smart, troubled, and determined to find out what happened to her mother. One of my favorite aspects of DEATH SPIRAL is the difference between Faith's dialog and her inner voice. Faith's dialog is often short and awkward, but her inner voice brims with emotion and intelligence. This difference perfectly captures an authentic teen voice [read more...]

From BookPleasures.comDeath Spiral is tightly written with the emphasis on the development and history of the main character as well as her social development. Most of the action happens in the last quarter and moves quickly to resolution from there on. The mystery is centered in science, more specifically in gene therapies, but it is not overdone and presented in terms that anyone can grasp. Death Spiral was a fun and fast read. I’m curious where Ms. Chodosh will take Faith and her group of allies next [read more...]

From Mysterious Reviews: Death Spiral is first rate in nearly every respect and is highly recommended. Death Spiral is an excellent introduction to this series. Late in the book someone tells Faith, "You have some determination — I wouldn't want to be the person standing in your way. Most people would've given up, but not you." And Faith is the core of this novel. She's independent and has resolve, but she also has all the insecurities that most 16-year-olds have. The balance between the two traits is exceptionally well handled. Also quite impressive is her supporting cast, most particularly Jesse Schneider, a new boy in school but one who bonds almost immediately with Faith … even though she is reluctant at first to trust anyone other than herself with her mission. The relationship that develops between the two is really rather touching [read more...]

From Rich in Color: Get it soon if you are up for a fast paced mystery. I always appreciate a bit of snappy dialogue and the personalities and friendships in the story allow for plenty of that. Death Spiral has a nice balance of friendship, mystery, humor, and danger. The relationships were what truly kept me involved in the story. Faith grew up in survival mode so she tends to keep herself locked away from people, but there are a few who manage to sneak past the walls she’s built. Her relationships take a beating, but it is interesting to see them develop as Faith struggles to know herself and the person she is becoming in the midst of all the turmoil. I look forward to learning more about Faith as this series continues [read more...]

From BookLoonsI am impressed by the quality of the writing as well as the topic tackled. Death Spiral is the first YA novel published by an extension of Poisoned Pen Press – Poisoned Pencil Press. If this is an example of the quality of their coming publications, Pencil will be as successful as Pen [read more...]

From The Character Comma: Death Spiral boasts an intriguing, intricate plot with a beautiful cast of fleshed out characters. Overall, it was an excitement to read and I highly recommend it. Teens of all ages will enjoy their time in Faith’s head in Death Spiral  [read more...]

From Science Thrillers: It’s a special event for me when a new young adult science thriller comes to my attention, because these books are rare. Death Spiral: A Faith Flores Science Mystery made my day when I heard about it, and I was not disappointed in the reading. Author Janie Chodosh passes the science test. Death Spiral is a mystery that can only be solved by getting answers to the science questions. I love that. Chodosh handles the science gently but accurately so readers should not be put off by tech. This reader was touched by Faith’s solid sense of self and is rooting for her and for millions of real-life teens to take the plunge and pursue the study of science  [read more...]

From Reviewing the Evidence: DEATH SPIRAL launches a new YA imprint for Poisoned Pen Press and marks an auspicious debut for both author and publisher. This first title in the Faith Flores Science Mysteries series promises compelling reading for YA and adult readers alike. Protagonist Faith Flores is a character with a distinct voice, courage and determination. She's also smart – street smart and book smart [read more...]

From LitPick: In my opinion, "Death Spiral" was a five star book. It is unique, all in all. In the book it talks about teens and their exposure to drugs and death. You don't usually find these kind of things in books nowadays. People don't realize that there are bad and hurtful things out there. Drugs and death do exist; we just try to avoid paying attention to them. But sometimes we need to be open to these things and remember that there are teens who are exposed to this. I would like to say thank you to the author for opening my eyes and sharing with me a book that touches on these issues.

From Buried Under BooksWith considerable skill, the author draws readers into the story. Here is a group of teens, led by a persistent young woman of uncommon grit and little tact whom I predict offers an enduring attention and approbation, if not outright loyalty and adoration, from fans sixteen to sixty [read more...]

From the School Library Journal: Gr 9 Up—The story moves quickly and incorporates interesting discussion involving topical science issues. -Eliza Langhans, Hatfield Public Library, MA [read more...]

From FMAM Mostly Mystery Reviews:  Faith is a wonderful role model for intellectual and never giving up.  When “adults” give up she does not at all costs.  Not that I say a teenager should ever put herself in danger, I do like that women, teen age girls can be strong and willing to “battle.”  Bravo. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give is a 5.0. [Read more...]