Using novels in a science classroom

As a writer and a science teacher, I am always looking for ways to merge the two disciplines. How can teachers use engaging fiction to teach science content? This is why I have written two books in the The Faith Flores Science Mysteries that seek to do just that. Book one, Death Spiral deals with genetic testing-both the science and the ethical issues, and book two, Code Red deals with genetically modified organisms- again both the science and the questions.

On my website you will find a teaching guide for Death Spiral. This guide provides ways to use the book to teach the common core standards in either a science classroom or an English classroom. (Death Spiral is appropriate for ages 13 and up, and the ideal grades for using it in a science classroom are 7th or 9th when life science is taught.)

In the next five blogs, I will be writing about books and curriculum ideas to bring high quality fiction into a science classroom while addressing the common core.